Car Tip: Neglect, Hidden Killer of Your Tires

Neglect is a killer, especially for your vehicle. Perhaps the most persistent form of neglect in California is Tire Neglect. This neglect is one of the leading causes of tire related failure.

A visual inspection of your tires will tell you a lot. If they’re bald, cracked or have a bulge; that’s a serious problem.

What’s more mysterious is what’s inside, and we’re not talking air here. The polymers making up the carcass of the tire are bonded together at your tire’s birth. Over time, those polymers become less stable and most importantly, begin to lose their strong bonds to each other and to the steel wires that give your tire its strength. This happens because of thousands, perhaps millions of heat cycles.

Once these bonds weaken to the point of breaking; that’s when the dangerous happens. Without warning, a tire can begin to disintegrate, leading to a sudden loss of pressure. A sudden loss of pressure, even at low speeds is inconvenient to say the least. At higher speeds, the unthinkable can occur.

Don’t neglect, INSPECT!

Contact us today to make an appointment to have your tires inspected.

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