Our passion ensures your vehicle starts, every time, and keeps you on the road, not on the side of it!

You and your vehicle are cared for today and well into the future by leveraging our generations of expertise.

Vehicle Safety Inspection

A safe and consistently reliable vehicle begins with our advanced and inexpensive Vehicle Safety Inspection. We stand behind our safety inspection, allowing you to use the value of the inspection toward your first repair! That’s how we earn your trust.

Diagnostic Services

When you have an elusive mechanical problem, not only are we well-versed in using the appropriate diagnostic equipment, but also by using good old common sense and determination, we will solve your problem.


Maintaining your vehicle is far more than just checking and occasionally changing fluids. For your security, services like tire rotation, belt and hose replacement ensure problems are taken care of before they occur.


Tires are the link between the road and you. It cannot be a weak link. We work with the major brands and have maintenance programs that ensure you get the best level of safety possible.


Your vehicle doesn’t just go; it has to stop when you want it to. Our brake system service pushes safety to the forefront, ensuring your vehicle acts as expected when you want expect it.


Your vehicle’s suspension is not just for comfort. It’s another critical link in the chain between you and the road. Keeping it properly maintained is vital to your safety and keeping you off the side of the road.


Begin today with our low cost safety inspection and we will take value of the safety inspection off the cost of your next service


Our services begin when you purchase your vehicle. Bring in your vehicle before you buy for our safety inspection and ensure it’s the right car for you!

Our Expert Technicians
Not only is our family generationally instilled with safety and operation of your vehicle, our mechanics are specialized and highly trained in the latest of technologies, while preserving the legacy of your older vehicles as well. We service new vehicles, late model vehicles all the way to the classics. In fact, some of our customers have owned their vehicles and been bringing them to us long enough to become classics!
Read Reviews from Actual Customers
It is important to know who you are trusting with your vehicle. We encourage you to check out our posted reviews below as well as our Yelp reviews. We encourage you to read what our customers say about us before coming to visit our shop. You should do this with any shop you are considering.
Our Work Comes With a Guarantee
Even Rolls-Royce has a service department. We stand behind our work. When there is a rare occasion that there is a problem with a component, our customers will convey that we make it right. We want you to be our customer for life. Many of our customers are also in their third generation of bringing vehicles to us. We will remain worthy of your trust.
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We offer a commitment to personalized service for our clients. If you have further questions or need help with a case, please complete our quick form below. A team member will return your message as soon as possible.
Our commitment is to provide personalized service for our customers. If you have further questions or need help diagnosing a problem, please complete our quick form now. A team member will return your message as soon as possible. Please be sure to let us know the make, model and year of your vehicle and a brief explanation of how we can help you!