When your vehicle arrives for the first time, it’s like visiting the doctor for the first time. He doesn’t know who you are, and although you may exhibit symptoms that may seem common, he wants to ensure those symptoms are not an indication of an even deeper problem or issue. The same is true with us.

We are your “vehicle doctor”. While we can provide a fix for an obvious repair, if there’s a deeper issue, we want to know and so do you. Our vehicle inspection can be a no-cost option ensuring we know your car better and keep you on the road with maintenance rather than a broken vehicle. Let us do our low-cost inspection first and we will allow the money spent to be taken off your first associated repair.

Safety First

We believe in safety first. You’ll frequently hear our staff discussing safety with our customers. That’s because safety comes first here. We want you be safe and coming back for years to come. That happens when we keep you safe and operating properly.

Our safety inspection can even be performed on a vehicle you’re thinking of purchasing. While it is an extra upfront cost, how many times have you purchased a vehicle only to say later, “I wish I had known that”. We can’t guarantee that we will catch everything, but we can give you much better odds at picking that right vehicle.