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Whatever your need; brakes, tires, maintenance, repair, oil changes — we care for your car and work to keep you safe and on the road.

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The focus of our company is maintaining your personal fleet so you stay on the road and not next to it. Whether you have a single vehicle in your family; or your driveway looks like a fleet parking lot, we have the competence and expertise to keep your vehicles operating at their peak. From our basic safety inspection to our preventative maintenance schedule, we utilize multigenerational talent and skills to care for your vehicle. Many of our customers consider us a part of their own family.

Our history began with Great Grandfather Paulo Marchetti, who patented unique Cam-Action Motors for biplane aircraft in 1927 to 1929. The untold story of his mysterious flying machine is still shrouded in secrecy. Perhaps if you can catch Rick, James or Cody at the shop with some free time you can experience some of the adventure and possibly unravel its narrative. The family’s heritage continued with Rick Marchetti (namesake of our current shop) and now is being passed through to grandson, Cody, who is learning more about the business every day as he builds his family and melds into this family business.


We believe family is important. We treat our customers just like we treat our family. It’s why we have been in business so long and it’s why our family bonds, just like our bonds to our customers are strong. Our main concern is for your safety. As James will often say, “I won’t put my daughter in that car” if it relates to a safety issue. We care about your car, but we care even more about you as a part of our extended family. We want you to keep coming back and loving to be here with us when you come by for regular maintenance. Come join our family today!


We are determined to provide great value and keep your vehicle safely on the road. That’s our focus. We do a lot behind the scenes to ensure that’s possible. Continuously looking for innovations that can have a positive benefit for our customers, but not making them guinea pigs.

We use industry leading lubricants and proven components that are tested and reliable to keep you and your vehicle safely where it belongs.



Start your first visit with our low cost safety inspection and we will take the value of the safety inspection off the cost of your next service!

Fixed, Repaired and Solved
Fixed, Repaired and Solved
Happy Customers
Happy Customers
Fan Belts
Fan Belts


Our experience in selecting replacement parts and components for your car ensures reliability. While we have our biases, certain manufacturers highly recommend specific manufacturers when replacing fluids or components, which we adhere to. Our replacement components meet and more often exceed OEM requirements such as our selection for oil, Schaeffer’s Oil

When tuning up your vehicle we frequently use Denso, NGK and Autolite components, depending upon the application.

We most often use tires from Vogue, Goodyear or Michelin and always use OEM or higher quality replacement brake pads, rotors, steering and suspension components that include brad such as Aisin and Centric.