Review Our Easy Advice:

My "Check Engine" Light is ON, is that bad?

Unfortunately, your check engine light isn’t a very good way of judging your car’s state of roadworthiness. What that means is: it could be a relatively minor problem that can affect drivability such as an emissions issue that might turn into a larger problem left untouched; or it could signal a major issue such as a lean or timing issue that could be eating a hole in a piston. Your best bet is have it looked at as soon as possible. It’s far better to deal with it now than it is to let it turn into a larger issue. Call or email us and book an appointment to have it checked out soon!

My car is making a funny noise. It's not a big deal, is it?

Noises usually mean a problem. Some can be incidental, such as a fender lining rubbing on a tire or brake noise due to pads that are worn and needing replacement. Noises are sometimes an early warning sign that you need to give your vehicle some attention. Give your car some “love” and pay attention to it’s woes and you can avoid a roadside episode. Ignore it and sometimes your car will “make you pay” just like that bad girlfriend or boyfriend did. If you aren’t able to determine what the problem is, bring it to us and let us give your car some love. We are committed to your safety and will let you know if it’s nothing to worry about, or a signal that you better pay attention now!

I hear a clunk when I hit a bump. Should I just ignore it?

Suspension issues often show themselves when you put the suspension under greater load than normal. As you cruise down the road, normally things stay pretty “static” but when you hit a bump or a rut your suspension tries to shield you from the extreme impact. That extreme movement will open up any shortcomings in your suspension. It could be as simple as a worn out bushing or as dramatic as a worn out ball joint. What’s a ball joint you ask? Ever see a car on the side of the road with one of the tires pointed in the wrong direction? That’s the kind of surprise that can be in store for you. How exciting it gets depends upon whether you’re doing 25 or 65. Don’t wait for the unexpected. Send us a message or call to have us take a look.

My tires are getting kind of thin. How do I know when they should be replaced?

Tire manufacturers are pretty good about this. There are two things that are important that you can find on your tires yourself! First, age of your tires. Believe it or not, your tire’s birth date is listed on the side of the tire. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to tell you how to find and decode it (we didn’t say it was easy… but it’s free!) Tires that are too old can be an unseen hazard that happens at the very worst time. The other indicator is your tire has Wear Bars! If you look at your tire, as the tread wears, you’ll see a flat area (bar) connecting all the tread patterns across the tire. Once the bar is even with the surface of the tread pattern, you need to replace the tires. Not doing so puts your family at risk. Not sure about all this? Call or stop by, we’re happy to take a look at your tires for fee. It only takes a couple minutes to put your mind at rest.