Your vehicle’s suspension is the link between you and the road. Comprised of a myriad of bushings, bearings, springs, shock absorbers or struts and the steering system, your suspension is an extremely important part of the every day use of your vehicle. Keeping the suspension in top operating shape is a very serious safety matter that every driver should pay close attention to.

Fortunately, most of the components are well overbuilt and very tough, lending them toward many years of operation prior to their needing to be replaced, unless accelerated wear or damage becomes an issue. A lack of lubrication in your ball-joints, for instance, can lead to catastrophic failure so from a safety aspect, this should be very high on your priority list of service items.

Some more modern vehicles actually have wet systems requiring fluid as well as electronically adjusted suspension components, which means additional sensors. The basic function, however, is pretty simple. The suspension allows you to have a more comfortable ride as it absorbs bumps and ruts in the road. It is also responsible for keeping the vehicle’s wheels pointed in the right direction as you travel down the road.

Servicing these components may include lubrication, replacement or adjustment from time to time. We follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for service intervals where applicable.


Maintaining your suspension includes regular lubrication, typically with very thick grease that doesn’t wash away easily as well as adjustment back to factory specs when wear, tire replacement or severe impacts may require a reset to the proper position. In addition, some components are made to more easily be replaced as a separate component.

Most of the components in the front and rear suspension last a very long time. For instance your shocks or struts specifically last tens of thousands of miles with virtually no maintenance. Other components such as the main weight supporting parts in the front called ball-joints because of their shape, actually need frequent servicing due to their broad, frequent movement and high load characteristics.

Just like the rest of your vehicle, failure to service suspension components can lead to unwanted circumstances. In the case of shocks and struts, uncomfortable ride and poor performance are the key indicators and result. However, ignore lubricating ball joints and you can end up with one tire pointing the wrong direction and the frame of the vehicle on the ground. Add speed to the mix and you have a truly dangerous situation.

Suspension adjustment is a part of the program as well. As the components wear, or even in the case of a very bad bump or impact, it is necessary to “realign” the components in relation to the vehicle. You have probably heard the term alignment which is a very specialized method of making all the suspension components “point” in the right direction. This is a common adjustment and many modern vehicles require front and rear alignment.

Failing to do an alignment can at best end in faster tire wear, resulting in unnecessary additional costs or at worst, reduce drivability to the point the vehicle becomes unsafe.

Paying close attention to proper service intervals that include lubrication and adjustment is very, very important. Give us a shout and let us get you on a regular maintenance program to keep you and your car on the road, avoiding unnecessary roadside visits.