National News: Ford Bronco, Back at Last?

Back by popular demand; the Ford Bronco! Ford has finally caved to public outcry of discontinuing its historic Bronco SUV. The legendary Bronco, available from 1966 to 1996 was discontinued 20 years ago and is expected to hit sales floors again for 2020!

This iconic two-door SUV was every high-schooler’s dream in it’s day. It filled a void that clearly hasn’t been filled since it’s production was terminated. Will it include the popular removable roof? What about all the classic lines?

While we don’t know all the details, what appears to be congruent is that it may be based on the Everest/Ranger Platform, which is Ford’s mid-size SUV world-wide, rather than the Full-size/F150 platform of the original. However, it’s also been made clear that it won’t be a reworked Everest, it will be it’s own unique platform. Some visible renderings seem to include the classic inset grille, not unlike the modern Raptor super-truck. Additionally, the round headlights that were a classic giveaway of the F-series platform back-in-the-day.

What we definitely don’t know is what the drive train will be. Will it be an EcoBoost 2.0, 2.3, 2.7 or even a V8? Will it be available with the Power Stroke Diesel? A Hybrid option? What about a Raptor counterpart? We simply don’t know. You’ll have to go bug your local Ford dealer on that one. Size-wise it is purported to be between the 1980s Bronco II and Original Bronco size.

The great news is that once it’s back, popular demand will dictate what the options are. The important thing is the rekindling of another old classic body line. Like the Camero, Mustang, F-Series, Ram trucks, the Charger and Challenger; these classic lines need to be preserved, improved and seen on the streets for decades to come.

For today, its a crapshoot as far as what will be certain. With the exception of the classic Bronco logo, Ford hasn’t let loose of any secrets on its website.

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