Car Tip: Is Oil Really that Important?

Choosing the right oil, is it a simple choice? Fundamentally there are two types of oil, plus a hybrid. The oil you select for your vehicle is critical to its lifespan. Think of it as the blood of your vehicle, it’s just as important. Without oil, or with the wrong type, failure can be imminent. Sometimes causing abrupt, unplanned failures.

There are a few different things that are important to know about oil. While its lubricity is important, that naturally changes with temperature. Not unlike putting oil in a pan to cook dinner, oil changes viscosity dramatically with heat or cold.

There are specialized oils for cold and hot environments, heavier oils for gearboxes and rear-ends and thinner fluids for automatic transmissions. There are other fluids, brake fluids, suspension fluids, amazingly; there is now even exhaust fluid for diesel vehicles, though it’s an oxidizer not a lubricant.

If you think that’s a bit complex, know also that these oils are often coming from different “bases” as well. Paraffin, mineral-oil and even synthetic oils are available, then there are hybrids that include a little of both, bringing the complex attributes of both types.

All of these fluids have to be changed at regular intervals. There is no such thing as a “lifetime” fluid.
Suffice it to say you should leave it to the experts when it comes to selecting the oil for your vehicle. We use either the manufacturer recommended fluids for your vehicle or a fluid that well supersedes the OEM fluid to provide you the greatest performance possible.

We can help you by putting together customized fluid replacement program to take your mind off the challenge of being able to track all these different fluids. Give us a shout and have us put together a program for your vehicle.

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